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Manual Apple Scratter Pulper Pomace and Traditional Fruit and Apple Press (6 Litre) with Straining Bag

With this set you have everything you need to get your harvested apples pulped, pomaced and pressed for fantastically fragrant fruity beverages.

The Traditional Fruit and Apple Press (6 Litre) by Selections is great for all kinds of home brewing; this kit includes the press and a manual apple scratter pulping pomace.

Ideal for pressing apples to make cider (as well as other fruits for fruit juice), the attractive, traditionally styled 6 litre fruit press will produce plenty of juice from your apple harvest, while the manual pulper will scrat the apples with ease. It can be placed on top of the apple press so that the pulp falls directly into the straining bag, ready for pressing.

Well designed and constructed to the highest standard, the press comprises a steel base plate with a hardwood pressing basket. The base plate features a lip for easy juice collection as well as a wide stance for stability.

The feet of the press have small anchoring holes if needed, for additional stability; meaning the whole unit can be firmly attached to the floor ensuring the press stays in the correct position when pressing large quantities of juice.

To use, secure the stand and thread the pole into position, then place the straining bag in to the wooden pressing drum, and add your produce to be pressed (we recommend pulping the apples before using the press with a scratter).

Once the fruit pulp is in place, set up the half circle wooden fruit plates so they are at a relatively even level (they will even out once the fruit are being pressed), then sit the spacing blocks on top of the plates ready for pressing

When the red metal pressure plate and others have been positioned, screw on the vice nut and turn it clockwise to begin pressing. The fruit juices will begin flowing out of the recesses in the basket, into the funnel and then can be collected in a bucket or container.

The dimensions for the 6 litre fruit press are as follows:

– 50 centimetres total Height
– 27 centimetres total Diameter

* Hardwood Pressing Basket
* Complete with straining bag
* Steel Base Plate
* Traditional Apple Press
* 6 Litre Capacity
* For domestic use only
* Please ensure that central spindle is fully tightened at all times

The dimensions for the manual apple scratter are as follows:

– 60 centimetres Length
– 70 centimetres Height
– 60 centimetres Depth

* Large rotating handle
* Traditional design
* Assembly required
* Manually Operated Apple Scratter</p>


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Product Description

Product Description

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